• Non-Woven Fabric Outdoor Full Car Cover, Size XXL; Rav4, Suzuki Escudo and Other related (SUV)

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    Many drivers turn to outdoor car covers in the absence of a garage, a car cover is an excellent way to protect your motor from potentially harmful substances such as rain, tree sap, dirt and bird poo when brick-built coverage isn’t an option.And as well as protection from airborne nasties, bodywork is less vulnerable to scratches and fading (caused by due ultraviolet light from the sun) when shielded by a car cover. A quality car cover is therefore a sound investment, but which is the best on the market.

    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
    • 100% Heat Proof material. (U.V. stabilized material) 
    • 80% Waterproof resistant.
    • Keeps the scooter inside and outside clean and tidy
    • Can also slow down the speed of paint fading
    • Protects vehicle from Dust/Dirt, Pollution, U.V. Rays & Heat
    • Cover protects from environmental pollutants like tree sap and bird droppings.
    • Color: Silver Grey
    • Heavy duty PVC with non-woven cotton and double stitched seam with an elastic hem for a snug fit
    • Waterproof and UV protected, all weather condition protection